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MUFICATA briefly

MUFICATA is a consulting firm focused on Information Society Technologies, striving Research, Innovation and Business activities at European Level since 1997.

MUFICATA established in Barcelona is an networking organization, of high qualified staff and with a long background in Business and Technological Research areas. We draw out brilliance in organizations through the art and science of applying creativity, innovation, and visionary thinking to business strategy. Our approach is multi-disciplinary and we collaborate with experts from across Europe to provide you with open-mind resources. Our Portfolio of Services, briefly: Corporate Alchemy— Turning leaden thinking into gold. Converting current standards in business

MUFICATA coaches CONSEN Euro-Group trans-national network organization carrying out Research and Innovation projects and works.  


  • Company History Corporate Finance background in Barcelona. Firm on Internet since 1997.
  • Vision Independent, unbiased and international concern Information Society Innovation for all.
  • Our Approach Partnership and Cooperation in our innovative projects.
  • Consulting Affordable third global vision for enriching/reaching wide and global perspectives.
  • Aims Maximize the Socio-Economic benefits of business with Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Alliances Driven European Grouping of SME's focused on Information Technologies and pen-Source Research.


MUFICATA is a European Information Society Technologies (IST) consultancy focusing on the elaboration of Open Standard Technologies and Business Models for developing strategies and conducting sensitive tactical operations for both public and private and merged on-Net businesses, Projects and institutions. Our activities include lobbying and counter influence, strategic bid analysis, M&A and recruitment of rare profiles. We concentrate our development on areas with strong implications for European sovereignty.

MUFICATA combines experts in intelligence and business development and is able to build up ad hoc Task Forces mustering atypical and irreducible profiles. Our teams act as confidential advisers to general management and coaches to operational management.

MUFICATA strives to create longterm partnerships of mutual benefit.

MUFICATA partnership programs adapt to your natural business and professional ambitions and current situation to exploit our best synergic effects.

MUFICATA s.l. Jaume Fabra 12 08004 Barcelona Tel. +34 423 82 67 secretariat(@)