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Society Technologies

    Open-technologies Advanced Studies, technological development and Research in Information, Communication, knowledge, Collaboration, Innovation and Business Society Technologies.     

Research and technological development programs in the vast field of new information, communication, knowledge, collaboration, innovation and business society technologies and their interrelationship with society. The ICT Center’s core orientation:

  •     analysis of the social challenges and technologies
  •     technological development of socially responsible industrial applications
  •     socio-scientific prospection and monitoring of technical applications
  •     harmonising cross-technological and multi-disciplinary visions


MUFICATA technological services (other not excluded):

  •   development and integration of information and knowledge management systems.
  •   research prospection and technological diagnostic studies.
  •   collaboration, innovation and business technologies in organisms and enterprises.
  •   security audits and quality controls of software programs and information systems.
  •   preparation of technical specifications for the implementation of informatics programs.
  •   technical support and management during the project implementation.
  •   advisory services on issues of "tele-net-work", "enlarged company" and "paper zero".
  •   networks (Internet, Intranet, Extranet) implementation projects.
  •   multi-platform multimedia contents, solutions of smart on net organisations.
  •   training, advanced architecture design.
  •   technical and functional requirements analysis.
  •   knowledge extraction and technology transfer.
  •   technological, social and economical European impact assessment.
  •   towards standarisation progress and consen projects.