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MUFICATA is a micro company formed by a multi disciplinary international team united in develop innovative ways of doing responsible business online from technological opportunities.

We are enthusiastic about tapping the potential of the latest information society technologies and combining them with a creative, intuitive and distinguished operational interface to be into a real, virtual, digital, functional world. We are ready to explore, develop and realise how the future Internet and the digital open technologies can play a major role in your business. Simply, we do it!

Our agents of change enable technologies for your business, design and implement compelling solutions that will influence the way people perceive and co-operate with your company.

We do our work with high energy, passion, motivation, enthusiasm,.. and qualification, experience, efficiency, reliability and professionalism.

Be curious and explore for a while what we do and you might start seeing the world like we do. Full of new technological opportunities which can be employed to intensify the relationships significant to your company.

Professional Short curriculum

Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut is the President and Manager of CONSEN Euro-Group and CEO of MUFICATA S.L.

He is an Industrial and Agricultural Engineer by profession with a Master degree in Business Administration. He has been involved in different sectors, it is important to point out his work as manager of the Research and Technological Development department of pharmaceutical products across Spain before the petroleum world crisis.

In a personal challenge when petroleum world crisi and the ecology boom he starts a entrepreneur project based on a new own invent for protection riders of motorbikes. The company micro-manufacturer of motorbikes accessories was fighting with the 90's economic crisis and bigger technological companies.

As result of this closure, in a personal entrepreneur project he founded MUFICATA a Business consulting in Barcelona area for advising and brokering about Business and Corporate Finance to provide Enterprises with Information and Technological services in the Barcelona area. Internet was used to support the Corporate Finance and Merged and Acquisitions International processes. When the consulting firms land in and the financial situation was stabilized, Ferran rengineering the process to the Information and Technologic services for enterprise using Internet as instrument, that were finally converted into European information and project management services.

After a couple of years, and the creation of different communities and networks the foundation of CONSEN Euro-Group EEIG as Open Information and Communication Environment for working at European level. During four years this net-working, CONSEN became the first, unique and leader Euro-Group formed by Small companies experts in Information Society and Open-Source Technologies cooperating in Research and Technology Development and Innovation at European Level.

He has collaborated as Vice-Chairman of the Knowledge@work community integrated in the AmI@work initiative of "New Collaborative Environments" Strategic Objective. He is also contributing to diverse European co-funded research and technological development projects. He is member of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA), member of eBusiness Support Network (eBSN), Living-Labs and several more European initiatives and networks in IST as eMobility, ISI, NESSI and NEM technological platforms.

His current work is focused on setting the bases of the future Internet of Sensing Things (IoST) and the Sensing-events detection, representation and processing for the simulation and experimentation of artificial intelligence, computational and mathematical models of robotics systems applied to industrial applications.

Contact data:

Phone: +34-93-423-8267

Email: Ferran.Cabrer(AT)MUFICATA.NET

Jaume Fabra 12
08004 Barcelona
Catalonia (EU)