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MUFICATA SL [Multifinancial Capital]

MUFICATA Natural Information SystemsMUFICATA SLMUFICATA S.L. is a small private customer service firm providing research, technological development and industrial engineering services based on natural information, communication, knowledge, collaboration and innovation environments on the Internet.

MUFICATA is a consultants technology company providing information and outsourcing services to the Business, Software Development, Education, Financial, Manufacturing, Innovation, Research alongside IT recruitment and project staffing services. We are operating in the Information and Communication Society Technology sector at European Level. We are constantly evolving in the market of high-tech and user friendly and customized open-solutions for Info-Spaces.

MUFICATA cooperative networking

MUFICATA acts as Scientific and Technological prospectors to develop concepts and Germinal Ideas and build consortia, collaborative networks and facilitate the innovation and knowledge outcome performances of responsible and sustainable projects in the area of Information Society Technologies.

MUFICATA provides the complete range of consultant services for developing technologies, applications and services for the web, mobile internet and broadband in several domains and industrial sectors.

MUFICATA S.L. was constituted as MULTIFINANCIAL CAPITAL S.L. Corporate Finance firm in 1997 in Barcelona. MUFICATA s.c.p. Company was set up in 1992 by a group of professional consultants specialists with experience in business, Corporate Finance, Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and corporate restructuring, Information Technologies and Business Administration. The company grew steadily and is further successfully expanding in the Catalonia area. Our employees and staff had extensive experience and strong capabilities in Business and IT Strategy Consulting, Systems Design and Integration, Programming, Web design, Project management and IT recruitment and staffing services. In 1997 became a limited responsibility society (S.L.) directed by Mr.Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut.

Natural Information SystemsIn 2004 MUFICATA founded the first European Grouping CONSEN EEIG Euro-Group as Cluster of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) with the main objective to establish an ongoing and effective dialogue between members and collaborators focused on Research, Development, Innovation and Business at European level with the purpose to exploit and manage their competencies with a synergistic effect. MUFICATA was leading CONSEN Euro-Group trans-national network organization, formed by 51 core-partners and 165 members from 35 European states, however it was not EU financed, they carried out Research and Innovation projects and works, preparing several FP6-IST projects and participating and organizing events and meetings, from 2003 to 2009.

Moreover, in October 2008 MUFICATA founded the Acoustic Computing for Artificial Intelligence and Ambient intelligent Applications ( alliance of micro-companies leading some conferences and proposals in this world-wide innovative technological field. In 2010, ACAIA  extended the acoustic computing to any Sensing Event Detection (SED)  creating the Sensing Event Computing for Artificial Intelligence and Ambient Intelligent Industrial Applications (SECAIA.COM) network. SECAIA.comSECAIA is a world-wide innovative initiative and community in the technological areas of Sensing Computing. The current actions are to apply for diverse EU granting projects in the FP7 Research and Technological Development and Innovation, build a scientific and technological platform and a legal pool of spin-offs and start-ups providing products, solutions and services based on the SECAIA technologies and domains. Nowadays SECAIA is seeking grants and looking for partners with scientific and technological competences and capacities for research at FP7-PPP programme.

SECAIA swallows that the problem and real need of Internet of Sensing Things IoST(IoST) is to reach the sensing capacity to perceive the environment and the reasoning faculties to understand the context. Hence the necessity to define the models and paradigms of sensing event processing, sensing resources computing, and Information Technologies to embody perception capacities, learning abilities, and cognition faculties into artificial intelligent sensing entities living in real/virtual worlds.

As ICT expert, we realise how important it can be for the society and for Europe to succeed in the IoST, which lays a foundation for future success in the smart micro-devices, robotics and ambient intelligent areas, as well as in the development of industrial applications and Internet services.

The world of artificial sense is not exploited at its greatest potential in the Information Society. Given that we live in the XXI century, and given the importance that humans assign to sense in their daily environment, it is interesting to note how few ICT systems are actually exploiting sensing information that is naturally associated with sensing events, such as time, position, action, material, size, composition, surface, meal, toxicity, malfunction, risk and danger, animal, pressure, velocity, traffic, weather, health, disease, activity, presence and light.

[] After submitting some project proposal in the IoST area, such as 'Sounds for Energy Efficient Buldings', 'xtRAYner', 'MIDO', 'sense for maintain', etc, presently, MUFICATA is focused again on the development of 'cooperation for entrepreneurship', forming and founding [] . Development & procurement of high-quality support services for accelerating startups development & internationalisation by cooperation opportunities, raising in the platform to interact 30 stakeholders & 200 startups, located in 20 cities and coordinated by a European Cooperative Society of coopreneur workers.

[Social-Sport].orgPresently as coopreneur we are forming a startups focused on Social-Sport. The first [Social-Sport] initiative is building the [Local x Sport] platform for facilitating the practice of Padel. Paddel, Pàdel, Paddel-Tennis in the Barcelona metropolitan area. The main objective of this project is to reach 1000 players of 100 clubs, organising and playing more than 100 players in 30 matches per week and the first [Social-Sport] meeting at middle 2017.[Social-Padel] organisation If you like Padel and you are in Barcelona, join us at [Social-Padel] Organisation