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MUFICATA services

... we focus on the basic belief that when applied properly, the Internet and the Research can do great things.MUFICATA SERVICES

Since 1997, MUFICATA S.L. has been providing European project management Research and Technological Development (RTD), reports, and services in Information Society Technologies (IST). Our unique, web-based information, knowledge and collaboration environments are the hub of our Information Society Research. The always-pioneer info-space contains the most fresh ideas based on end-user needs and punctual requirements and advanced envisions and global perspectives needed to create, build up, develop and maintain a successful project management environment.

MUFICATA provides the complete range of consultant services for research and developing applications and services for the web, mobile internet and broadband. Our services can be broadly divided into the following areas:

  •      Business and Industrial Strategy Consulting.
  •      Digital Environments Design and development, and marketing, coaching and promotion.
  •      Information, Communication, Collaboration and Innovation Technologies.
  •      Research and technological development.

MUFICATA provides the complete range of services needed to create cost effective, creative, high impact natural digital environment and technological based solutions for productive business. 
MUFICATA Information and Communication Technical (ICT) Services and Consulting

MUFICATA’s Technical Services and Consulting mission is to offer technical and consulting services on the whole technology lifecycle including network and knowledge enhancement, by utilising our highly experienced and dedicated technical engineers to increase our client’s time available to run their business.
Our diverse background in technology allows us to offer solutions that meet the needs and requirements of each of our clients.
MUFICATA is able to offer direction and guidance with what to install and where to source the technology from. We also offer project management services to those who are looking for a company to take control of a project that seems to never end. MUFICATA is not limited to what we sell or are able to obtain. If a client requests assistance with any issue, then we will evaluate the problem and offer a solution based on the information given.  

MUFICATA offers the following services:

  • Network consulting, configuration and installation: Our dedicated team have worked on projects from small one person businesses to large networks.
  • Hardware and software procurement: We have many different vendors available to us. Because MUFICATA has been around for 25 years, we have managed to fine tune those vendors so that we are able to offer better service to our clients.
  • Corporate hosting: We offer both Application hosting, and physical hosting.

Research services

  • Proposal preparation: Assistance and advice is given on the conception and structure of your proposal. MUFICATA will support you in your project preparation, including the construction of the project consortium, practical help in proposal writing and in the administrative aspects of the project. We help you address the research policies that are at the origin of the targeted call.
    • Socialisation of the idea. A true art how to communicate your initial basic idea without losing your position.
    • Inception stage: Initial work of conceptual development and definition of competences and selection of partners and potential contributions, ..
    • Elaboration or edition phase: Fullfilling the templates forms, financial figures and memories sections, conveniently to the requests and expectations. 
    • Revision and perfection phase: Circulation of full draft  editions to be revised in concrete points for the correspondent partner.
    • Submission of the proposal: Ulpload and manage the Electronical Process Submission Service (EPSS).
  • Grant negotiations with EC: After the project is approved by the EC, we assist with the grant preparation and give full support in negotiations with the project work plan and the budget. We complete the Grant Preparation Forms(GPFs) integrating the input from all partners and manage the elaboration of the consortium agreement based on the partners' feedback.
  • Project management: Integrated as a managing partner in your consortium, we undertake the burden of project administration, from the preparation of the first 'kick-off' meeting to the last scientific report and financial audit. You are fully supported in the dissemination and knowledge management for a successful transfer of science to market.  Our customised project collaboration tools include tracking of the status of milestones and deliverables in a timeline, data exchange platform and file repository, events list and calendar, dedicated consortium meeting and reporting pages hosting all relevant documents and information, contact details of partners and other tools such as a wiki or a forum on an as need basis. We maintain consortium mailing lists and organise web-conferences.MUFICATA INNOVATION SERVICES
  • Project websites and brochures: MUFICATA has extensive in-house knowledge in the creation of project websites incl. custom-made collaboration platforms and dissemination material (brochures, flyers). Moreover, we help companies build Web sites that combine essential information, intuitive navigation, and a functional, yet engaging, interactive experience, as well as design and run successful Internet advertising campaigns.We have web designers and developers that have experience in designing and building dynamic, functional, and visually stimulating Web sites. Our Web designers have extensive knowledge of all of the new media design development tools.
  • Companies need a strategy to realise business potential online, minimise risk, and use available financial resources for the greatest return. We provide companies a complete package of consulting services as they build and develop their e-businesses. Doing business online brings a new set of Internet-specific challenges and new criteria for evaluating business decisions: market assessment, venture viability and capital structure, business plans, alliance structuring, and technology infrastructure. Using the experience of our employees in business and consulting, we make recommendations on Internet technology, the Internet's integration into current business strategy, and an assessment on what the market and e-business will bear in the future.
  • As part of our full IT-related services, we carry out research on technology solutions for our clients and partners. We help our clients identify similar environments to their organisation and review the technical solutions implemented including, cost/benefit analysis and impact assessment. Moreover, we then develop an implementation, deployment and dissemination plan for the client, and provide technical project management assistance as expert consultancy to develop business and technological strategies in the growing opportunity areas of Information Society Technologies. We also providing specific open-source software solutions that enable development of novel applications.
  • MUFICATA's research activities cover a wide range of fields in scientific research and technological development. The solid and multidisciplinary basic research provides excellent foundations for applied and tailor-made research, as well as services for training and development. In addition, we continually develop the scientific foundation and methods of futures studies and emerging technologies. Our research and development projects are practical and participatory. The projects are network based and individually planned for organisations and clients. They open up new viewpoints and provide tools for different kinds of development processes. Systematic futures knowledge is useful in, for example, strategic vision and scenario projects. Furthermore, it helps in versatile training and evaluation projects, as well as in active futures shaping and building in different fields of society, e.g. in economic life. Typical tools used for development are foresight systems, as well as futures oriented thinking and action within an organisation. Futures studies and foresight are especially useful in long-term planning and in situations involving strategic solutions.

  • Our competence is research futures, especially in the fields of: Information, Collaboration, Education and Learning; Media and Communications and Regional Development and Foresight. Envision Horizons combines a deep understanding of technology and societal forces to identify and evaluate discontinuities and innovations in the next 3 to 10 years. We help organizations develop insights and strategic tools to better position themselves for the future. Our approach to technology forecasting is unique—we put people at the center of our forecasts. Understanding humans as consumers, workers, householders, and community members allows IFTF to help companies look beyond technical feasibility to identify the value in new technologies, forecast adoption and diffusion patterns, and discover new market opportunities and threats.

The CONSEN Group offers several opportunities for your organization to improve its project ecosystem utilizing freely the CONSEN Knowledge-base, the info-space and other grouping services.