2011 XtRAYner

Call: FP7-SEC-2012-1 Area: 10.3.4 Border checks Topic SEC-2012.3.4-1 Research on "automated" comparison of x-ray images for cargo scanning with reference material (use of historic images in an automated environment) to identify irregularities - Capability Project - Deadline: 23 November 2011

European reference image database and platform for re-training X-RAY machines

to improve efficiency of cross-border customs inspection.



The proposed project goal is to deliver and maintain a validated European inclusive Customs Inspection Optimiser (CIO) prototype for “re-training” scanning machines, that progressively increase their detection accuracy and efficiency, hence the provision of reliable and useful custom officers support services and training, and the overall optimisation of the security and customs work-flow.

This will be achieved via building up an Internet specific “semantic-images” databases and application's repositories for continues update with more images and upgrade with more logical intelligence the CIO, in order to support controllers providing (firstly) reference pictures for comparison and (secondly) near real-time automatic services for informing, alerting and alarming the personnel, depending on the class of Sensing Event Detected (SED).

The CIO platform will be designed and developed in collaboration with customs officers (Romania, Poland, Hungary, United Kingdom,..) and deployed in four land and sea borders real-usage scenarios to validate the acceptance, evaluate the features and performances and eventually assess the socio-economic impact.

The delivered novel and open solution, products and services, will raise a new ICT market for scanners and inspection machines, and customs officers bodies, assuring the continuous development, and sustainable extension, dissemination and popularisation throughout Europe.