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2011 My ABC id Gate

SECURITY RESEARCH CALL 5 (FP7-SEC-2012-1) Activity: 10.3 Intelligent surveillance and enhancing border security Deadline: 23 November 2011 - Topic SEC-2012.3.4-6 Enhancing the workflow and functionalities of Automated Border Control (ABC) gates Collaborative Projects - large scale integrating projects.

Optimised and Harmonised Framework of

Automated Border Control Identification Gates

The project proposes to develop a framework for the future Automated Border Control (ABC) gates, involving public and private group initiatives for cross-borders. The core of the system will consist of a multi-modal biometrics identification system that includes face and fingerprint technologies with a view to harmonise the e-Passport and National ID Cards among EU and other third (Non-EU) countries and allow usage of the second generation e-Passport to its fullest potential. This will also include a common user-interface design (panels, warnings, cabins, applications, etc.).

The project aims to enhance the overall security, facilitate the passengers transit, preserve the citizen privacy and human rights and generate interoperable security and logistics services. The goals will be achieved through the study and analysis of the current situation, and the development of international reference models, in particular those recommended in the FRONTEX report that integrates novel and open (non-commercial?) available equipment, technologies, applications, architectures and practices.

The proposed ABC gates solution will be implemented, adapted and tested/utilised in diverse airports, seaports, and other cross-borders, for the exhaustive validation by end-users (passengers and border officers) and the demonstration in real operational situation the features, performances and socio-economic benefits that justify the implementation and extension of this technology throughout Europe, and world-wide