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MUFICATA S.L. is a small private research and technical consulting firm focused on natural information, communication, knowledge, collaboration and innovation, environments on the Internet. It was constituted as Corporate-Finance firm in 1997 in Barcelona and coordinates the European Group CONSEN EEIG as Cluster of SMEs with the main objective to establish an ongoing and effective dialogue between members and collaborators focused on Research, Development, Innovation and Business at European level with the purpose to exploit and manage their competencies with a synergistic effect. Moreover, in October 2008 MUFICATA promoted the Acoustic Computing for AI/AmI Applications ( initiative leading some conferences and proposals in this world-wide innovative technological field.

MUFICATA acts as Scientific and Technological prospectors to develop concepts and Germinal Ideas and build consortia, collaborative networks and facilitate the innovation and knowledge outcome performances of responsible and sustainable projects in the area of Information Society Technologies. MUFICATA has been very active in European programmes and projects, and has participated—leading research, technical development and dissemination works—in the following projects: SIGOSSEE (Special Interest Groups in Open-Source in e-learning and Education in Europe); TOSSAD Towards Open Source Software Adoption and Dissemination; SAMANTHA Open Mobile Networks for traceability in Seafood; COMIST Ambient Intelligence at work communities to IST in New member states;.SECURE-FORCE European Security and Privacy platform - Pro-active intelligence &support programme to stimulate European SMEs Faced with research issues in the field of ICT security; VISiYES (Virtual Integrated Support System for Innovative Young Entrepreneurs Start-ups) and EURO_COOP:_ICT_DEV Romanian Project to promote inter-regional cooperation for/by ICT. Now MUFICATA is working in the conceptualisation and modelisation of the Internet of Sensing Things (IoST). IoST is the groundwork and the ground for the development and building of Sensing Event Computing for Artificial Intelligence and Ambient Intelligent Applications (SECAIA) in several industrial sectors in real/virtual worlds. MUFICATA believes that the world of artificial sense is not exploited at its greatest potential in the Information Society, and IoST aims to use all the information derived from the environment to enable intelligent sensing entities (sensors and RFIDs class 4 and 5, and mobile phones, PLCs,..) that are aware of the environment and that can understand the meaning of sensing-events conveyed by environmental information and that can thereby provide locally and remotely useful services to the society in an improved, bio-inspired way.

Key personnel: Ferran Cabrer i Vilagut is the President and Manager of CONSEN Euro-Group and CEO of MUFICATA S.L. He is an Industrial and Agricultural Engineer by profession and Master in Business Administration. Despite he has been involved in different sectors, it is important to remark upon his work as manager of the Research and development department of phytopharmaceutical products before the petroleum world crisis. In a personal entrepreneur Internet project founded MUFICATA as a ICT Enterprises consulting and Corporate Finance firm to provide Enterprises with Information and Technological services in the Barcelona area. The Internet was the instrument used to convert International services to EU information and project management services, since 2002. After a couple of years he founded CONSEN (2004) operating in ICT, and recently, ACAAL, ACAIA and SECAIA networks. Actually he is contributing in diverse projects and collaborating as Vice-Chairman of the Knowledge@work community integrate in the AmI@work initiative of "New Collaborative Environments" Strategic Objective, EURO_COOP ICT_DEV Romanian research project for a sustainable cooperation throughout Europe, member of the European Association of Research Managers and Administrators (EARMA), member of eBusiness Support Network (eBSN), Living-Labs and several more European initiatives and networks in IST as eMobility, ISI, NESSI and NEM technological platforms.