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MUFICATA history

- U n d e r c o n t r u c t i o n -


MUFICATA MULTIFINANCIAL CAPITAL S.L. was constituted as Strategic Corporate Finance Consulting firm in 1997 after to be active as MULTIFINANCIAL CAPITAL s.c.p. since 1992.

Before a reengineering process, in the first years of the Internet, MUFICATA organization was adapted and extended to the Information Technologies Consulting focused on Internet.

The MUFICATA experts are specialists in Standards, Knowledge and Innovation Management of Information Society Technologies. MUFICATA lead the coordination of CONSEN [Coordinated Open Neural-points Space of European e-Centres Net] Pan-European community.

This smart organization was concerned to Innovation and Research and Technology development RTD, running in a model of collaborative meritocracy with economic non-profit and maximum society benefits rules. CONSEN community CONSEN presented the first European Sixth Frame Program Information Society Technologies, Integrated Project all on-line without any paperwork nor meeting and all made by e-working. After that CONSEN initiate different projects and activities, remarking in the 2003 year:

European projects in different IST areas of e-citizen, e-government and Risk Management;

Different Work-shops and presentation in EFITA, VILNIUS, ROMA and MILAN IST event.

CONSEN presented the EU-FP6 projects:

TECAPIS a Trans-European Communities and Projects smart manager Info-Space EUeducLAB European Educational Laboratory (participation like partners).

EPITEMIS Electronic Personal Information European Monitor Info-Space. In order to formalise and to arrange the management of all these Internet activities and to improve the partner relationships and organization.

The core members of CONSEN community were promoting the legal formation of the CONSEN EEIG European Economic Interest Group.

MUFICATA in representation of the CONSEN community was participating in the project SIGOSSEE, Specials Interest Groups SIG for Open Source European e-Learning platform.

Moreover, CONSEN participate in The International Open Source Conference 2004-Malaga (Spain). CONSEN was proposing the following initiatives:

- To build a Trans-European, EU Members and Associate States [MAS] Monitor of the Open-Source Software and Ambient Intelligent for the development, deployment and implementation of the first European Network of Innovation, Application Research and Experience Centres (ENIAREC).

- To form an ENISIR [E-centres Networking for Information- Services, Innovations and Results] focused on e-workers and e-companies community. ENISIR aims to build a collaborative network of e-centres based on open-source platforms throughout Europe and the Americas. ENISIR is carry out by the ENIAREC meritocracy community. The extension to the Americas requires additional collaborators. The American e-Companies and professionals Freelances are welcome. ENISIR will be accessible worldwide in English and Spanish. ENISIR develop a net of Open-Source collaborative platforms connected and associated to TEOSCIS.

-To create a TEOSCIS Trans-European Open Source Collaborative Information Space (TEOSCIS) -To coordinate an OSS Word-Net services world network, Information space, of the Open Source Software. The services provide by the website include the exchange of experiences, the expert-work and job centre, Learning and training and the coordination of multi-organizational projects. Conceptual focus on Interest -Dynamic Added Value Environment (DAVE) Collaborative intelligent ambient for improving the information to knowledge process in open distributed communities on the Internet.

-ULICA Users Location Identification, Characterization and Authorization method system. {Users trusting that their personal profiles are protected. Users confident in email SPAM protection. Happy users knowing that they have control over their data with access preferences. Communities confident in their information systems. Users and communities with up-to-date data}.

-Integration of environments, data and applications in distributed networks.

-Meritocracies collaborative communities of software development throughout suites of develop, test and use for sharing resources and investment. -Pull Innovation Communities marketing definition development and assessment of IST based on the end-user requirements and resources.

-TEMOTIS Trans-European collaborative, objective and multi-disciplinary Monitor of the Open-source Technologies Information-Space, applied to the OSS-IST and the new emerging professional expert qualifications and trainings needed. -Meritocracy collaborative communities related and associated to the innovation development distributed, deployment, use, test and assessment of IST, applied to the OSS basically.


The  core partners Consortium just has ensemble a long life and experience in research, innovation, collaboration and working together in CONSEN community. They present with EPSS the first FP6-IST-2003-1 IP-2319 CONSEN without any paper all On-line done. This has been carefully expanded for including new pool knowledge (web-semantics, ontologies, open-source, Risk Management, Ambient Intelligent, GRIDS). This activities will be reinforced with divers activities as the European Open-platform workshop in Vilnius, the Rome CONSEN Working meeting, participating in the preparation of other project SIGOSEE, SIMPPLE and SCAP and presenting in the next 2003-IST in Milan the concepts of CONSEN.


 In forming the Consortium, the CONSEN Co-ordinator The main dates have been:

2002-01-01: FP5 METACAMPUS Open life-long Learning Marketplace euro-project

2002-03-01: public gestation of ideas

2002-11-22: CORDIS web publish project proposal

2003-01-10: CONSEN Web-site formed the first Foundational Group with 8 members

2003-03-01: Online brain-storming and starting the proposal preparation documents


2003-07-05/9: EFITA, participation, Budapest Hungary

2003-07-21: Vilnius Workshop. Official European Presentation of CONSEN Open-platform

2003-07-21: CONSEN 'cleaning the house' forbidden access

2003-08-01: CONSEN has support of CDTI (Spain)

2003-09-06/08: Rome Meeting IP2329. EEIG

2003-10-02/04: CONSEN presentation in IST-2003, Milan, Italy

2003-10-15: CEPEMIS FP6-IST-2002-2 call2 - IP2329

2003-10-22/24: Challenges 2003, Bologna, Italy

2003-12-01/02: CONSEN EEIG meeting formation in Barcelona

2003-12-10: FP6-IST: Citizens and Governance, deadline

2004-Oct: IST-2004 - Affective Computing for AAL workshop. The Hague (NLD)

2006-Oct: IST-2006 - CONSEN and MESHUP exhibitions. Helsinki (FIN)


2008-Oct: IST-2008 - presentation. Lyon (FRA)

2009-Oct: S4EeB work-meeting. Barcelona (CAT)