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EU-4-UKRAINE-YOUTH-2-EU is building an open dynamic viable and sustainable European network between a critical mass of youth organizations that will be co-operating on a number of multidimensional thematic areas related to one or several youth fields such as Internet and Organizational Development and will be using and developing Information Systems Applications.

EU-4-UKRAINE-YOUTH-2-EU enhances the Information Connection between Youth organizations from Ukraine and Europe. The project is initiated by a national workshop enabling participants to join or form Euro-Groups and establish a web-portal to facilitate their integration. The resulting Euro-Groups will guarantee dissemination and sustainable exploitation of the newly created Info-Space thereby achieving civil participation and socio-economic benefits.

The Youth have to exchange experiences and knowledge to keep in pace with the times. In order to promote the inclusion, the rights, and the participation of young people in social and political life, it is essential to mainstream a perspective in all relevant policy youth areas and at all stages of policy making. Web-portals, as information and communication environment, benefit and connect all young people across large distances. Web meets different needs, expectations, and preferences. Flexibility benefits all people who use the Web, including the youth in different situations (such as low bandwidth), the practitioners and the youth organizations. In the past five years, a lot of work has been done in Europe in the field of youth and organizational cooperation. The Youth related Technologies and Sciences and the sector is characterized by a predomination of the small and detached organizations, mostly NGO’s, that need to be integrated and communicated to exploit their potential innovation and research possibilities and actions as well as their cultural approach.