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2008 - Senescence@Home

Call: CIP-ICT-PSP-2008-2 - Activity:CIP-ICT-PSP.2008.1.4 eHealth

Trans-European platform of senescence services and products at home

SENESCENCE@HOME proposes the overall integration, adaptation and enhancement of the EU co-funded OLDES platform, with state-ofthe- art technologies and low cost ICT components to provide end to end services to elderly with cognitive problems due to age. The project will provide a more advanced and reliable open ICT platform enabling users’ day-to-day activities, providing pleasure and comfort, facilitating communication with their social environment and supporting end user’s training to cope with their problems. The advancement of the platform concerns its openness to systems and technologies, the ability to support end users while indoors as well as outdoors and its ability to support different categories of elderly people suffering from cognitive problems. The reliability of the platform will be ensured in the realm of a pan European level scale deployment in five pilot sites in five European countries with different categories of users.