2008 DemenCare

European sustainable platform of Dementia Care
to provide reliable information and statistic criteria to policy makers
Collaborative Small-scale focused research project
HEALTH-2009-3.2-1: Organisation of dementia care
Partners list
1 Secretaria d’Estratègia i Coordinació del Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya ESP
2 Fundació Mútua de Terrassa per a la Recerca Biomèdica i Social ESP
3 National Center of Scientific Research “Demokritos”  GRC
4 European Training Centre for Social Affairs and Public Health Care (CEFASS) of the European Institute of
Public Administration (EIPA) ITA
5 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Forderung der angewandten Forschung e.V. FRAUNHOFER GER
6 Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce GBR
7 "Carol Davila" University of Medicine and Pharmacy, University Department of Geriatrics, Geronto-
Psychiatry and Memory Impairments ROM

Object: Facilities to compare and evaluate regional and national Dementia Care Models (DCM) across Europe for taking decisions managers of National and Regional Public Administration managers and Policy-makers of Health and Dementia Care System Background: DC in general suffers from many similar, unused, unavailable, uncoordinated developments and efforts, thus scattering the European development potential and missing valuable opportunities to come to a better efficiency and reuse through a coherent and ethical model.

DemenCare will build a sustainable Pan-European Dementia Care platform to provide facilities, reliable information, comparative indicators and statistic methods of evaluation to support policy makers and Health managers to take decisions concerning regional Dementia and Social Care models.
DemenCare proposes the application of blended information, communication and cooperation methods with the specific aim to enhance the quality, efficiency, solidarity and sustainability of health and Dementia Care systems in Europe, in particular the adaptation, integration and application of state-of-the-art web technologies together with traditional methods and techniques. Thus the project will provide a more advanced and reliable rich media and transparent electronic information and communication space of Dementia Care. The digital space enhancement concerns among the others its openness to innovative knowledge technologies, the creation of a community of practice using Internet 2.0 and its ability to electronically distil and present the vast amount of relevant data of Dementia Care. Within the realm of the traditional information, communication and collaboration methods, the project will build and enlarge the community of practice, organize events, generate and transfer knowledge, exchange experiences and to systemically provide evaluation tools, exportation methods, adaptive models and training services to facilitate regional policies makers and management authorities.

Focus on the aim to build a sustainable European Dementia Care platform and organize events to guarantee the inter-activity, data feeds and knowledge outcomes, to provide up-to-date S&T reliable information and statistic criteria for Public Administrations to take decisions concern new technologies and applications, socio-economic care models and convenient policy strategies.
DemenCare build a sustainable Pan-European platform of dementia care applying state-of-the-art web technologies together with traditional methods and techniques to support policy makers to take decisions concerning projects and strategies of Dementia Care models. The platform will  provide reliable information, comparative indicators and statistic methods for self-evaluation to decide for new regional and national Health, Dementia and Social Care models. Within this realm a set of web based tools support to take decisions. The consortium and a panels of experts and practitioners intend to enhance the Co-operation between Member States bringing together on conferences, workshops and seminars that generate a mainstreaming and continuous monitoring new models and raising opportunities.