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2006 ICT SKILLS and Career Web-portal & Collaborative Community

ICT SKILLS and Career Web-portal & Collaborative Community will create a European information and communication environment for collaboration and cooperation in ICT skills and career activities of Research, Development, Exploitation, Dissemination, Standardization and Awareness. The ICT Skills will inform and advise procedural principles and requirements relevant to the Skills application for employment and business.
The ICT-skills main aims are to study the situation and needs, discuss the how-to-dos, plan the building and launch a prototype for the European Info-Space of ICT skills and careers.

The formation of this Info-Space is based on four actions:
• build an initial and official European web-portal in ICT skills and careers into a context of Open Source (Software, Standards and Content) that is reusable and supports multi-language;
• enable and demonstrate the integration of the available web-applications of taxonomies in a practical multi-language - Scientific, Technical, Human Resource and Business - web-tool to profile, sort, search and match ICT skills and careers based on standards ontologies;
• form the core of an Open Collaborative, Productive and Integrative Community - from Industry; Government; Standards; Scientific-Technology – able to grow and generate knowledge outcomes, business opportunities, popularizing standards, polarizing the stakeholders and any other positive action to boost the employment;
• propose a feasible, responsible and sustainable exploitation plan, based on the construction of a network of scientific, thematic and local info-centers providing services, support and advise.

The main advantages and features of ICT-skills proposal is to provide:
1) full operative work-space from the beginning formed by an editorial, office and administration areas with configurable multichannel of communication, messaging, newsletters, forums and boards; and the formation of organic and
thematic groups of participants, collaborators and workers;
2) open forum of discussion and public library of documents and publications;
3) additional consultation to gather opinions, data from situation, needs and detect opportunities, offering the opportunity to be presented and checked during the IST-2006 event;
4) available popular web-solution (CMS/CFM for sharing, migrating and upgrading and enable for any stakeholder and community;
5) absolutely feasible solution to be extrapolated to other taxonomies, applications, uses, communities and projects;
6) user help system and rich media (video) system for tutoring;
7) prototype in three additional languages (EN, ES, FR, DE);
8) complementary and independent group of expert for a multi-disciplinary followup and evaluation;