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2004 EPITEMIS - Electronic Personal Information Trans-European Monitor Info-Space

EPITEMIS - Electronic Personal Information Trans-European Monitor Info-Space  

Proposal Acronym :     EPITEMIS

Strategic objectives addressed :    Scientific Support to Policies  FP6-2003-SSP-3  
Based on expected results and on its multi-disciplinary approach EPITEMIS plans to develop an Electronic Personal Information [EPI] Trans-European Monitor Info-Space and community for the Search Scientific Support of the RTD Information Society Technologies IST Policies.


EPITEMIS is the Trans-European on-line sustainable Monitor of the Ambient Intelligent  technologies applied to the Electronic Personal Information on the Internet Environment.

EPITEMIS is a networking of Interests, Research and Innovation Activities and Initiatives in a multi-disciplinary Information and Communication Space focused on the policies related to technical Research and Development in the Information Society, in particular in the new emerging technologies of Ambient Intelligence.

EPITEMIS main activities are to: prospect and collect data; define indicators; analysis effects; simulate models; train experts; exchange experiences; provide risk pre-alerts; detect opportunities; disseminate best practices; coordinate actions; advice Authorities, Enterprises and organizations interacting to take decisions in the European Technologic Research policies framework.

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Middle East Technical University
Technical University of Asachi Iasi
Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
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Fundation Catalonian of Research
ISOC Societatea Internet ISOC Romania
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EPITEMIS is a Pan-European initiative supporting the Information Society Technologies [IST] research policies about the Ambient Intelligent [AmI] technologies and the quality and privacy of the Electronic Personal Information [EPI] on the Internet Environment.

EPITEMIS aims to build, manage, maintain, promote and improve a dynamic, representative, transparent, interactive, sustainable and open Monitor Info-Space running as web-portal to collect, manage, monitor, study, forecast, pre-alert, research, test and to support the European [EU] and the Research and Technologic Development [RTD] Policies in the [AmI]-[EPI] scope.

EPITEMIS provides e-services to authorities, enterprises, RTD centres and organizations  for analysis, information, reports, studies, formation, training, etc, in different geographic levels: Europe [MAS] basically, Regional, Local, etc. and addressing :  social, ethical, legal, economical, technological and political aspects.
EPITEMIS non-profit Community is a European initiative promoted by itself with the intention to assemble, integrate and represent at all levels the interested forces and bodies interacting in the Environment.
The EPITEMIS community is formed initially by two bodies. The first is the core formed by the consortium with the CONSEN (EEIG) (*) community, entering post-approval in the consortium, as representation of the European Information and Communication Technology [ICT] and the [RTD] Industrial Sector. The second body will follow  from promoting EPITEMIS. It is formed by European authorities and representative organizations of the Environment co-ordinated by the EPITEMIS managers.

EPITEMIS observes, watches, guards, protects, studies, analyses, monitors, simulates, forecasts, pre-alerts, advises, guides, recommends, prescripts, manages, interacts, promotes, coordinates EU+IST+RTD issues in the AmI-EPI Internet environment.

EPITEMIS generally addresses Human Digital Rights, focused specifically on the electronic Personal  Information and centred in two cases studied: Quality and Privacy. They are restricted to the Internet environment aspects and the newly emerging technologies related to AmI. 

 (*) note: EPITEMIS is an initiative of CONSEN (EEIG). This European Economical Interest Grouping is in the process of legal formation within the CONSEN Community and it should enter in the Consortium as new participant in the first months.